Friday, May 16, 2014


a sampling of May's wild blooms

Je dois peut-être aux fleurs d’avoir été peintre.
 'I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.' 
Claude Monet

wildflower posy with camomile, pinks, osyris, thyme, amongst others - thank-you Angèle

euphorbia - spurge in the field

a sea of ranunculus - buttercups

adonis annua or adonis' flower/pheasant's eye

wild cistus incanus - rock rose

I think this is a large vicia - vetch growing amongst the broom

thymus serpyllum - creeping thyme

osyris alba - osyris

papaver rhoeas - field poppies

rosa canina - dog rose

sedum caeruleum or sky stonecrop


  1. Such magnificent photos! We are really looking forward to being there soon. Warm greetings from rainy Paris!

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