Monday, May 26, 2014

The House of the Red Roses

La Casa delle Rose Rosse

At the edge of the village of Lucarelli, which lies along the valley below Le Ripe, stands a large stone house where some friendly, helpful locals live. The family kindly brought their tractor up to Le Ripe one day when the man who sometimes delivers wood got stuck in the mud.

Every year in May the house on its triangle of land glows with red roses. An avenue of red roses along one side lights up the drive.

The house itself is covered with a magnificent red climbing rose.

The family do not confine themselves to red, but it is clearly their favourite colour. 

Someone really ought to feature the annual display in a postcard. Along with the restaurant Le Panzanelle, it could help to put Lucarelli on the map. If Lucarelli should want such a thing...

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