Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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The Egg of the Goose and other Good Things

goose eggs next to hen's

A friend has given us three goose eggs. The shell is thick and has to be cracked open with decision. The yolks are huge and deep yellow. Three eggs make an excellent omelette for four. And there is little difference in flavour between this and a good, fresh hen's egg.

This year we are not growing any vegetables in our vegie patch as it is being turned into a medieval garden or hortus conclusus, and the new vegie patch is being constructed, raised beds and all. There will be no magnificent tomatoes or freshest lettuce this summer as we shall have to wait for the notorious fence (see side column) before planting anything deer might desire. However the strawberries and rhubarb in the old vegie patch continue to thrive and the walls of climbing roses are tall and full of buds.

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  1. "New at Le Ripe" posted on 20th June'14 includes wonderful and most interesting examples of the exceptional planning and energy which continue to transform Le Ripe into a most delightful Tuscan home,gardens,open grassed,and forested areas.This all arises from a great love of Le Ripe and a clear vision of what can be achieved.


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