Sunday, June 23, 2013

Panzano Market

The bounty from Panzano this morning

Panzano's weekly market is a small affair, but specially in summer it can yield a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, even mozzarella and good cheeses, roast chickens and fresh bread.  This week we bought four types of tomato, radishes, sweet Tropea onions, fresh cannellini beans, friggitelle or small sweet peppers to braise in olive oil and garlic, melons to eat with prosciutto, white peaches, black cherries, red plums and small, tasty apricots. And fresh mozzarella, as good as in Naples.

The market is held every Sunday from early morning until about 1300. There are a few other stalls but the food is the thing. Every first Sunday of the month it is brightened and augmented by the Mercato Aprilante with its crafts, local produce and flea market.

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  1. A really lovely photo of the excellent fresh produce available from the Sunday morning Panzano market.A wonderful "still life" should be painted of this.


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