Friday, June 7, 2013

Nesting Dove

Our Collared Doves start a family

an improbably sloppy nest spied, once a collared dove was seen to be favouring this perch over some days, in the oak tree near the house...

curiosity got the better of me: first sight of eggs

the eggs seem rather perilously placed in the nest

If you peer carefully you can just see our dove's eye, breast and collared neck as s/he perches high on the nest

not my photo: mostly when I approach our dove flies off, but the apparent precariousness of the nest is similar


  1. What a surprise. Extraordinary to get to see this... Two perfect eggs! How did you get so close? You could almost have stolen them.

    I hope the doves came back to their nest and eggs after your visit with the camera. Also, hopefully once the eggs hatch the doves will no longer abandon their young ones like that!

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  3. What a great piece of photography.Getting such
    wonderful pictures must have been just as dangerous as the gaps in the nest are for the eggs and later for the fledglings!The two dove
    parents look so attached to each other.I think they mate for life.Well done Upupa!


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