Saturday, June 1, 2013

Le Ripe from Afar and Farther

Le Ripe Views

We often tell our guests to explore the high unsealed ridge road which leads from Panzano to Volpaia. 
Because you can see the San Leolino Church along the way, because Panzano and Volpaia are both worth a visit and because it offers beautiful views. 
One of these views is of Le Ripe. 
Actually Le Ripe is pretty hard to discern from afar unless you are very familiar with it and the terrain. 
Here are two photos which show our property from the ridge road.

Le Ripe is identified by the tiny beige blob on the hill just above and slightly to the right of the telegraph pole seen in the middle distance. With a bit of imagination you can even see the cypresses.

Here the two cypresses stand out, virtually in the centre of the photo

Here it is, seen through a camera zoom: in this case the two cypresses are good signallers. The property takes in the eastern and northern slopes of the hill from the summit down to the Pesa river.
Below instead is an angle on le Ripe taken just this morning, from an unsealed road below the ridge road, which climbs up past various vineyards, accessed from behind the Lucarelli church. As the bird flies it is not far, hence the house, cottage etc. look deceptively large.

same angle but from further off...

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