Friday, October 20, 2017

The Fallen Cypress

Resuscitating a Tree

The day the builders came and, manoeuvring their digger in a tight space, crashed into one of three cypresses we planted over ten years ago, setting the tree at a 45 degree angle, we were not sure whether it could be salvaged.
After we watered it thoroughly, presumably to ease its shock (it happened at the height of a very hot summer), the cypress rapidly sank to the ground, where it lay for over two months.
The experts told us it was better to wait for cooler weather but when they came to visit the patient they were concerned that many roots had been broken in the fall; perhaps the tree was compromised. 

Yet when they returned with their spades and digger, poles, ladder and shears, they were more optimistic. After all, the cypress was still green and healthy despite its weeks supine. They chopped off the top metre and a half and pruned the tree carefully along its entire length.
With a broad cloth yoke around the tree, about half way up, they used the digger's bucket to pull the tree (which must weigh 150 kilos or more) back into a vertical position,
with great care
...and a measure of trepidation.

Once up it was a matter of filling in around the tree and enlarging holes on either side in which to fix two sturdy poles and a cross-bar for support.
Good luck little cypress!

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