Saturday, February 25, 2017


After a Good Rainfall

During most of the year the two streams that run through and beside Le Ripe are completely dry. Even the Pesa river in the valley below dries up in summer, although it is said to continue flowing underground.

Recently Le Ripe received a gift of 82mm or more (over 3.2 inches) of rain in 24 hours, and it shows.

 There are waterfalls everywhere.

And it not only shows, it makes itself heard: the streams rushing down the hill make a din; beyond, one hears the Pesa, gushing fast and strong along the valley below.
The Pesa's waters are mud-brown at present but the two streams, one called the Fossetto di Nicione, the other named Fosso Le Ripacce, are clear and clean, racing over calcified stones and mossy banks down to the valley.
It is a pleasure to witness the show; a pity it doesn't continue all year round.

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  1. A lovely photographed and described coverage of the several Le Ripe water falls flowing down to the Pesa river following the welcome late winter rain.The extra pictures and information in the margin of Tuscan scenes,flora, including the autumnal changes,and historical sites,plus most interesting e-publications of Leitha's makes this a wonderful post.We have a most talented author and naturalist to enjoy.


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