Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Rose is a rose is a rose

Roses in May

In a 2013 post Roses are pink , Le Ripe's roses were introduced; here is the next chapter.

  My inherited cultural references being at least partly British, I usually associate the optimum blooming of the rose with the month of June, but here at the 43rd parallel north things start getting exciting in mid May; this year some summery weather has accelerated the excitement.

A generous gift and many acquisitions over our years in Tuscany means that we have some lovely blooms and they seem to improve each year.
I used to think that roses looked better in a vase. How wrong I was.

That was because I had in mind the bare, stiff limbs of the standard rose, but now I know that roses come in all shapes, from bunchy, abundant shrub to arching, elegant climber, from delicate and tiny to showy and generous.

Which is only to describe a few of an almost limitless variety.

 Here is a recent photo gallery from the Corriere della Sera on Italy's rose gardens.

Disclaimer: a few of the above rose names may be inaccurate since we lost some of the precious labels last year. However, a rose is a rose...

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  1. What a beautiful floral display the "Roses In May" report, posted on May26th,2015, provides,and all wonderfully photographed.What spectacular roses abound at Le Ripe.


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