Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More irises

fields of iris
campi di giaggioli

A friend has sent these glorious shots from nearby Lamole where the iris industry used to thrive. See the post Beauty and the Beast for background on the Tuscan iris, now flowering in Chianti. 

(All the Gs in giaggioli are soft as iris petals).

Lamole boasts wonderful drystone walls, ancient farmhouses and a good restaurant into the bargain.

Thank-you, Explicit.
ps: the colours are utterly true

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  1. What really magnificent photos have been chosen for this wonderful blog which also abounds with
    a wealth of extremely interesting information on all manner of subjects related to this magical Tuscan environment and this delightful Le Ripe.
    Leitha and Fabio have created their own nirvana
    with exceptional creativity,great love of the area,and very hard work.What an achievement!


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