Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lunch in Siena

And after the tour....

Entrance to Hosteria Il Carroccio in Via Casato di Sotto, around the corner from the Piazza del Campo
Try this cheerful, unpretentious little trattoria, a few steps from the Piazza del Campo (looking at the Palazzo Pubblico, the street is up to the right). Renata the owner will welcome you with smiles and find you a place out or in. We recommend inside as it is so pleasantly decorated in bright colours with a variety of photos, paintings, prints etc displayed on the walls. 
We tried the medieval antipasto which was genuinely interesting and tasty, but only for meat lovers and those who like offal. There are plenty of other choices including vegetarian. I always think that Italy is one of the easiest places to be a vegetarian.

Interior detail

Interior detail

Renata's placid dog

The medieval antipasti: enough for two or three

There are many traditional pasta dishes and a good choice of main courses, including a very tasty chicken dish with olives and spicy stew with beans
attractive glassware; vin santo and minted grappa

For afters, definitely the best thing are the hot ricciarelli (Siena's favourite biscuit) with hot zabaione and lemon sauce. Delicious.

rich ricciarelli: perfect for two

Have coffee here:

The address is Via di Città 13, just in the curve of the street encircling the
Piazza del Campo to the north. 
You will stand but you will enjoy.

Have your coffee in this historical 'torrefazione' and coffee bar; they sell Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee a price. But only 3 euros for a cup.

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  1. Excellent suggestion. Hosteria Il Carroccio is one of only two Siena restaurants included in Slow Food's excellent Osterie d'Italia guidebook (2011 edition)!


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