Monday, February 4, 2013


The Pergola

This has been assembled, mounted, soldered and finished in stages by our local blacksmith. 
He usually works on farm equipment and machinery so I think he welcomed the chance to do something more aesthetically pleasing. Tillo was born near Lucarelli, on the hill opposite Le Ripe. Once he visited with his wife and family and a friend who had lived at Le Ripe: a tale to tell another time.

Here you can see half the pergola being raised...
...then the other half...
 The blacksmith solders all the movable parts,
adds the traditional curlicues,

Ed eccola! The finished product...

We shall plant four grapevines to grow over it, even though I know we shall have to spray them with copper sulphate if we want a harvest...It will be lovely to be able to eat outside in the shade in summer. We have told Tillo he must come back with his friends to have a glass of wine under his pergola....and I believe he will.

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