Monday, February 4, 2013

Dario Cecchini

La Repubblica Gastronomica di Panzano

cow outside Cecchini's restaurant

A new Republic has been declared in the township of Panzano.

Our famous, some would say notorious butcher, Dario Cecchini, featured in international newspapers, including the New York Times, who challenged the monopoly of MacDonalds with his own brand of hamburger called MacDario (a name the US food giant blocked, threatening to sue him), a natural showman and provocateur, has now attached an enormous emblem/installation/homage to meat to the wall of his restaurant, 
a virtual Declaration of Intention:
the motto, Partito Consumista, requires no gloss.

Installations on restaurant wall. They are illuminated at night.

The white filling appears to be plastic bags

Cecchini has also created a passport for the new Republic, complete with pages for visas.


iron sculpture bull's head
In addition, he has had a local artist fashion an iron bull's head which he has installed over the door of Solo Ciccia, his restaurant. The eyes are to be painted red, and the head is supposed to spout steam and bellow on command.
Nothing if not original. 

Thanks to a friend for these timely photos...

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