Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Visitors

Le Ripe birds

Here is a gallery of some of the birds that visited our bird tables last season, hopefully soon to return!

blue tit - parus caeruleus - cinciarella

chaffinch - fringilla coelebs - fringuello

blackcap - sylvia atricapilla - capinera
This one looks a bit of a rascal

collared dove - streptopelia decaocto - tortora dal collare orientale

greenfinch - carduelis chloris - verdone

nuthatch - sitta europea - picchio muratore
love that Egyptian eye shadow

redstart - phoenicurus phoenicurus - codirosso

Thanks to the internet for the photos....


  1. How marvelous that we have such variety. It makes me feel ashamed for never observing the birds very closely. Except for the collared dove, I would not have been able to identify any of these birds as coming from Le Ripe. I will have to improve my bird-watching on my next visit. As someone who is used to sparrows and pigeons, I am most impressed by their bright, colourful plumage. Of course, these must be the males of the species...

    1. Yes most females are duller coloured but the tit seems to be the same and the greenfinch is similar....

  2. The rigogolo, or golden oriole, which was hunted to near extinction is making a comeback and should be included in your pantheon if you have seen one. Its nest resembles a basket that hangs from the V of two branches. The bird is making a comeback at Convertole, and I have seen the male and the female, both bright yellow and almost the size of a tortola. In the past, rigogoli picked up the embroidery scraps that girls who tended the sheep left behind and wove them into nests. (comment sent by friend)


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