Monday, February 5, 2018

A New Friend at Le Ripe

Argo the Pup

Argo on arrival, looking, listening and smelling
Ten days ago Le Ripe joyfully welcomed a new resident. His name is Argo (after the dog which faithfully waited for Ulysses to return from Troy and his Odyssey). 

displaying his sniffer-hound genes

He arrived from a refuge in Siena where he was born in October 2017. After living in what amounted to a cold cage with his mother and siblings he  now has a large, safe garden in which to caper, bound, pounce...

so much to do at Le Ripe

and generally scoot about.

so much to explore
Argo's mother is a segugio italiano or scenthound, a breed thought to be descended from ancient Egyptian hounds.  His father is an American Staffordshire terrier, a relatively recent breed from the New World so he is part hunter and part guard dog, half ancient and half modern.
those genes again

Perhaps he will also keep at bay the odd porcupine so we may one day be able to cultivate Tuscan iris here again.

Argo loves Le Ripe already.

The association of volunteers who, working in collaboration with the Siena city council, find homes for stray dogs, cats and other creatures in Siena, is called ASSTA. Before handing over any animal they visit the homes of potential owners to check on the situation and give advice.
The kindest of people.

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