Monday, December 12, 2016

Coming Home

 Autumn Clearing

After some weeks' absence we return to a changed scene: although according to the calendar it is still strictly autumn, it is picturesque autumn no longer: rain, wind and lack of sunlight have drained the colour from the land. Nature is resting. 
the bronze and copper leaves of the hortensia quercifolia, a gift of autumn

Yet the garden is greener, bushier, leggier than when we left. And since our return the sun has been shining every day, which makes for tingling, beaming mornings in which to work outside.

reminder of hortus in early summer
the hortus with its tired lilies, roses and lavender, plagued by weeds and leaves
cleared and weeded and ready for the winter wait

In our absence someone gouged holes where the older irises grew, plundering the tubers. Surely a porcupine.  Upon investigation we found a hollow under one of the gates, presumably porcupine-size. The hollow is now stopped up with heavy rocks.
reminder of vegie patch in the summer

Before intervention: last season's tomato, aubergine and spent cutting flowers
Leaves are being swept, beds weeded, dead annuals torn out, some degree of order restored. In the new year pruning will take place, the garden's yearly catharsis.

All that remains are two Tuscan kale plants, some parsnips and next year's hollyhocks - apart from Mr Goji.
A recently-introduced plant, a goji-bush which flings out new branches and shoots like nobody's business, needs to be severely disciplined; some wild grapes we treat kindly require the same treatment. All to be done before the winter proper sets in.

the citrus plants sit tight and pretty in their winter shelter

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  1. The "Coming Home" blog of the 12th of December 2016,covering "Autumn Clearing",shows us some changed autumn scenes to which the authoress/photographer returned after a trip overseas.I like the "Nature is resting" comment.However the "Autumn Painter"had been nicely at work on the hortensia quercifolia.I can't wait to see a goji-bush and sample its berries.


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