Friday, August 7, 2015

The Fence at Last!

Le Ripe has its Fence at Last

It has been almost two years since the Le Ripe Saga of the Fence began (see side column for the whole gory story).
The principal reason for the Fence was protection against marauding and destructive wildlife.
On this very day we can cut the ribbon, pour the champagne, crow with joy and felicitation, for the Fence has been completed, thanks to our trusty gardening team.

While the last gate was constructed in situ and the last wire stretched, we began, tentatively at first and then with increasing courage, to release our poor trees and bushes from their wire cages. Some trees have been imprisoned since 2006.
As one of the gardeners remarked, recingere per sentirsi liberi or 'liberated by fencing', an irony of sorts but welcome and hard won.
The Fence marches over 600 metres with three tractor-width gates and two pedestrian gates. And it closes our plants in. 
Now we can only imagine and exult in the frustration of the myriad deer, boar and porcupine which must be stalking about the perimeter - on the OTHER SIDE, unable to get in.
Callooh! Callay! Hip-hip hooray.

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  1. Oh frabjous day! I can hear you chortling from the other side of the world.


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