Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Garden Maintenance and an Early Spring

It's all happening at once

The endless rain last month gave way to mild temperatures and hints of spring. It is mid February and feels like March, even April some days. End of winter jobs like pruning suddenly seem urgent.

This untidy abundance 

 is suddenly and severely clipped back

  in hopes of future renewed luxuriance. 

The appearance of the first blossom, early bulbs and even asparagus spears has everyone scurrying around like White Rabbits.

wild plum blossom usually appears in March

as do these daffodils

...and asparagus!

Pruning is harder (there is greater reluctance) when the young buds and shoots are already unfurling on the branches
being removed.

Roses are duly pruned and trained,

while field daisies and periwinkles egg the gardener on.

We have to trust that a surprise cold snap won't destroy all the good work... 

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  1. A lovely sequence of shots, illustrating among other things that you need a hard heart to be a really good pruner.


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