Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hanging Herbs

Five years of herb and flower gathering

...nepeta, lavender, origano, curry plant, chilli peppers, santolina, phlomis, everlasting daisies, zinnias, ranunculas, gypsophila, statice, hydrangeas, most grown by us but some given in bouquets

hang from a beam in our mudroom: there they dried and there they stayed. 
Finally after five years of collecting the beam is almost full.


  1. Charming photos; but what is a 'mud room'?

  2. A mudroom is an entrance or hallway where muddy boots and shoes and any wet or dusty apparel can be removed before entering the living area of the house...See
    However, our mudroom at Le Ripe is not a secondary entrance, but the principal one.


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