Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Dove

Italy's Easter Treat

The colomba or Easter dove, cousin to the panettone, was invented by Angelo Motta the Milanese food entrepreneur who first transformed the traditional Milanese Christmas panettone into its spectacularly tall shape. Motta created this variation on a theme in the 1930s,  to tempt the appetites of Italians at Easter.

Colomba di Pasqua

The traditional panettone contains raisins and candied peel while the colomba contains only candied peel but is covered in a mouth-watering almond-sugar crust. All over Italy, despite various other regional treats such as the Neapolitan pastiera, or the Sicilian palummeddi (also in the shape of doves) or the less known pasimata of Garfagnana in Tuscany (flavoured with anise and made to rise 5 times!) it has become as much a symbol of Easter and spring renewal as the chocolate egg.

delicious with caffelatte

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